after about 10 years and +300 mashups,I felt that it was time for me to break everything, to try another start and to do something I've decied to stop doing mashups ..Ben Double M is now dead(as mashups maker) and all my website content has been deleted. I wanna thank people,other mashups makers,djs,radios and even some producers and labels who kindly "play the game" and for their supports all these years, much appreciated!! ;)) I haven't took any cent with my mashups.. never..more! it costs me money (website hosting,time...).. my philosophy was to make mashups only for the pleasure of melting things together all for free, I can leave quite with that ..;))

In case you're looking for something you've missed, my whole collection is here on 4shared :

Ben Double M final mashups collection

thank you, cheerz'!

What's a bootleg

(also known as Mashup)

The difference between Mashups and Remixes? In a remix -in most cases- only the voice is original, the whole musical base – or part of it – is (re) created/rearranged.

The main goal in mashups creation is to mix things that are not supposed to go together but not only, taking into account the
Key and the Tempo of course to make it sounds different than the original, with different mood and atomsphere..

So,if you're an hysteric fan of "only the originals" close this page and keep away, you could be "shocked" :)

anyway, you're not compelled to ... Audio section,you'd find EDM acapella mashups ONLY (Electronic Dance Music)..I mean Trance, House,Progressive Trance & House, etc.. or visit my Youtube channel for some video-remixes of those mashups made by Guttorm Hellevik a very skilled Video-remixer from Norway,...or Links page for more (other bootleggers,dj's,medias,forums,tools,Youtube channels...)

As I receive many questions about the acapellas I use... so, most of them (mainstream) are available on the web(dj tools,remix contests,bonus tracks..) For the Trance acapellas, most of them are my own diy's (a few others I reveived by producers themselves or by friends) which I'm not allowed to share,..hoping you'll understand. Anyway why nor trying to do your own diy's? ;)

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime." (Chinese Proverb)

... by checking out this video Substraction/Inverting phase All you need to know is there :)


Qu'est ce qu'un bootleg?
(aussi apellé Mashup)

Mixer un (ou plusieurs) acapella(s) sur un instrumental différent des titres originaux (avec ou sans production additionnelle) le résultat peut parfois être horrible,.. ou plutôt surprenant.

La difference entre Mashups et Remixes?
Dans un remix, -pour la grande majorité des cas- seule la voix est originale , toute la base musicale - ou en partie – est (re) créée/réarrangée.

il n'est pas question d'améliorer quoi que ce soit, mais de mélanger autant que possible des chose supposées ne pas devoir aller ensembles,mais pas obligatoirement, en tenant compte de la
Tonalité et du Tempo évidement, le but étant de "faire sonner" différement de la version originale avec par exemple une toute autre atmosphere..

si vous êtes du genre fan hystérique qui ne voit que les originaux, faites comme si vous n'aviez pas vu ce site et passez vite votre chemin, vous pourriez être "choqué" :)

En même temps, rien ne vous oblige à ....

...cliquer Audio... vous trouveriez des "EDM mashups" (Electronic Dance Music) c-a-d Trance,House,Progressive Trance & House etc.... en visitant mon Channel Youtube vous y trouveriez des video-remixes de ces mashups fais par Guttorm Hellevik un video-remixeur norvégien très talentueux,..ou cliquer sur Links(autres bootleggers,dj's,medias,forums,outils,Channels Youtube...)

    Used Softwares/Softwares utilisés

    Acid Pro 5 (Sony)
    Cubase 5 (Steinberg)

    Steinberg Voice Designer
    Melodyne (Celemony)
    Autotune (Antares)
    T-RackS 3 (IK Multimedia)
    Platinum Notes
    Waves plugins
    tons of other plugins

    and my ears/mes oreilles...

    Find me on
    also for all mashups details and credits.

- M.M aka Ben Double M -


The mashups are made for fun ONLY, no commercial purpose! (some are approved and/or
playlisted by the legal owners)

All audio material appearing on the site is property of their respective author(s).

Ces bootlegs sont fait par pur plaisir, juste pour le fun, ... pas de but  commercia! (certains sont approuvés et/ou playlistés par les ayants droits légaux)

Tout le materiel audio utilisé est la propriété de leur(s) auteur(s)origin(al)aux.

Last Updates

September 27- 2011

I've closed my Facebook account once and for all
you can join me only by my
Youtube Channel

July 15- 2011

All my stuff (audio+ videos+ mixes)
are now stored :

HERE (4shared)

as long as people will download.. after that I can't tell u.

June 20- 2011

website closed.

June 18- 2011

grab what you need now!

May 05- 2011


Emily Haines vs Oza
"Knock Small Planet Out"

(Progressive House mashup)
(many thanks to Oza)

April 15- 2011

Depeche Mode vs Boy Hagemann
"Policy of Truth/Miami Heat"

(Trance mashup)

March 31- 2011

Enya vs Paul Webster ft Amanda (Sean Tyas dub remix)
"May it be the Time"

(Trance mashup)

March 21- 2011

Great Springtime cleaning!!

all my non-EDM mashups are now deleted
+ a few old EDM ones
(Total : 47 mashups deleted )

and from now nothing except EDM acapella mashups
will be posted here.

cheerz'! :)

March 09- 2011

First Effect feat Olivia vs Daniel Kandi
"Humanity Highway Beach"

(Trance mashup)
(many thanks to Jordan Wales & First Effect)

February 20- 2011

Britney Spears vs Changer
"Hold it against me (Fly high)"

(Trance mashup)

February 06 - 2011

Ronski Speed ft Emma Hewitt vs LTN
"Lasting light (Dim Sum 24)"
(Progressive Trance mashup)

Jan 11 - 2011

Bob Marley vs Soso
"Tokyo Exodus"

(Progressive House mashup)

Jan 10 - 2011

Ashley Wallbridge feat Meighan Nealon

"I Belive in Harmonic motion"

(Trance mashup)

Jan 09 - 2011

Conjure One feat Tiff Lacey
Bart Claessen & Paul Keely
"Face the music paper"

(Trance mashup)

Jan 08 - 2011

Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery feat Justine Suissa

Luke Terry
"Last farewell On a good day"

(Trance mashup)

December 20 - 2010

Lange ft Kerry Leva vs Bluebear Project
"Anywhere with you is home"

(Trance mashup)

December 20 - 2010

I-Vision & Gilbert AM & Oza
"I would die for you belive it"

(Progressive House mashup)
(many thanks to Oza)

December 19 - 2010

Super8 & Tab feat Jan Burton
Algarve vs Coldblue
"Sakura Empire"
(Trance mashup)

December 18 - 20100

John O'Callaghan ft Audrey Gallagher vs DJ Tatana
"Spring breeze,big sky"

(Progressive House mashup)

December 14 - 2010

Pendulum vs Super8 & Tab
"Elektra Island"

(Trance mashup)

November 18 - 2010

It's time for a break..
...but the story continues soon..

November 07 - 2010

Smith & Pledger feat Carrie Skipper vs Dinka
"Civilization Forever"

(Progressive House mashup)

October 31 - 2010

mashups around Dinka

Planet Funk vs Dinka
"Green Leaf chase the sun"

(Progressive House mashup)

Gabriel & Dresden vs Dinka
"Tracking treasure down Zero Altitude"

(progressive House mashup)

October 25- 2010

(available very soon)

Lange vs Ron Van Den Beuken vs Crossed Eyes
"I believe"

(Trance mashup)

October 25 - 2010

DiMaro vs Daniel Kandi
"Unbelievable Venice Beach"

(Progressive House mashup)
(many thanks to DiMaro & Sammy Merayah)

October 23 - 2010

Depeche Mode vs Push vs Klems
"Somebody (Tomorrow is another day)"

(Trance mashup)

October 22- 2010

BT vs Daniel Kandi
"Force of Gravity (Venice Beach)"

(Trance mashup)

October 20 - 2010

Armin Van Buuren ft Ray Wilson vs Yuri Kane
"Yet another day (Right back)"

(Trance mashup)

October 15 - 2010

Black Eyed Peas vs Sneaky Sound System
"I gotta young feeling"

(Nu Disco mashup)

October 13 - 2010

Benny Benassi ft Kelis vs Johan Malmgren
"The Spaceship right chords"

(Progressive House mashup)

October 05 - 2010


Planet Funk vs Dinka
"Green Leaf chase the sun"

(Progressive House mashup)

October 01 - 2010

Fall Out Boys double mash

Fall Out Boys vs Evermore
"I don't care/Hey boys hey girls"

(House mashup)

Fall Out Boys vs Koobra
"It aint a Question"

(House mashup)

September 27 - 2010

Salem Al Fakir (Axwell & Ingrosso)
Kylie Minogue
" It's true (Get outta my way)"

(House/Dance mashup)

September 25 - 2010

Police vs Lost Stories
" Ashna Moon "

(Trance mashup)

September 18 - 2010

Kylie Minogue vs Beat Service
" All the insiders "

(Trance mashup)

September 10 - 2010

Filo and Peri feat. Linnea Handberg
Orjan Nilsen
"Let you know (Lovers Lane)"

(Trance mashup)

September 04 - 2010

Bjork vs Daniel Kandi
"Hyperballad child"

(Trance mashup)

August 07- 2010

Yuri Kane vs Mike Shiver
"Right back (Everywhere you are)"

(Progressive mashup)

August 01 - 2010

Chicane feat Natasha Bedingfield
Seventh Heaven
"Bruised water (Dolphins)"

(Trance mashup)

July 28 - 2010

Ne-Yo vs DJ Kawasaki
"Because of you"

(Soulful House mashup)

July 27 - 2010

Massive Attack ft Elisabeth Fraser vs Waterspark
"Teardrop (Feel the summer)"

(Trance mashup)

July 18 - 2010

Telephone vs Sunquest
"Un autre monde"

(Trance mashup)

July 17 - 2010

Ram Jam vs Reaky
"Black Betty combination"

(Techno/Rock mashup)

July 11 - 2010

Lily Allen vs Mike Shiver vs Fandy
"Back to the start sique"

(Trance mashup)

June 27 - 2010

Samantha James vs Eva Kade
"Waves of Heaven"

(Trance mashup)

June 09 - 2010

Edward Maya feat Alicia vs Deepswing
"Stereo Love (In the music)"

(Progressive House mashup)

June 07 - 2010

Kelly Clarkson vs Dash Berlin
"Already gone (Waiting)"

(Trance mashup)

May 31 - 2010

Jason Derulo vs Diamond Cut
"Whatcha say (Teardrops)"

(House mashup)

May 30 - 2010

Kaskade vs DJ Feel and Alexander Popov
"Dynasty (Time after time)"

(Progressive House mashup)

May 24 - 2010

Medina vs Chicane & The Thrillseekers
"You and I (Autumn Tactics)"

(Trance mashup)

May 12 - 2010

Full mix of :

Bob Marley vs Robin Thicke "No woman no cry"

(House mashup)

made for
"Sounds in a new world"
mashups compilation by Envision (20 dj's/25 tracks)

clic on the picture below to download the whole thing

May 09 - 2010

Oda Main feat Dhany vs Bart Claessen
"Elf inside"
(Trance mashup)

April 25 - 2010

Chephren Blake feat Meighan Nealon
Andy Tau
" Year after (Falling)"

(Trance mashup)

April 24 - 2010

Short preview of (offline):

Bob Marley vs Robin Thicke "No woman no cry"

(House mashup)

full version available on :

"Sounds in a new world"
20 dj's/25 tracks

clic on the picture below to download the whole thing

April 22 - 2010

Kaskade & Deadmau5 feat Haley Gibby
"Move for me (Feel)"

(progressive mashup)

April 10 - 2010

Calvin Harris vs Daniel Kandi & Robert Nickson
"Flashback (Rewire)"
(Trance mashup)

March 31 - 2010

Ian Carey feat. Michelle Shellers vs Claudia Cazacu
"Keep on rising (Lekker)"

(Trance mashup)

March 29 - 2010

Lola vs DJ Feel & Alexander Popov
"I can't take it (Time after time)"

(Progressive House mashup)

March 28 - 2010

James Holden ft Julie Thompson vs Schodt
"Nothing (Octagon)"
(Progressive House mashup)

James Holden ft Julie Thompson vs Biologik
"Nothing breaks my heart"

(Progressive House mashup)

March 10 - 2010

Medina vs Armin Van Buuren
"You And I (If you should go)"

(Progressive Trance mashup)

March 04 - 2010

Delerium ft. Jael vs Rank 1 & Jochen Miller
"Afterall (9 minutes)"

(Trance mashup)

February 19 - 2010

New mashup video by Guttorm Hellevik

Shakira vs Vadim Soloviev
"She wolf"

(Progressive Trance mashup)

February 18 - 2010

Oceanlab feat. Justine Suissa vs Reconceal
(Trance mashup)

much more in Audio section

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